Born Reading – Book Review

I found this book, Born Reading by Jason Boog from our local library. I am so thankful I found this treasure. This book is a must-have for all parents, who wish to raise a reader. If you want to inculcate reading habit in your little bud, then please get a copy of this!

It talks about how to read to your baby right from birth and also gives suggestions about the best books for children from birth to age 5. We all know, in this digital age, you cannot completely prevent your baby from using smart phones, i pads or laptops. But we also know that introducing these gadgets too early is also not good for them. This book addresses such issues and helps us choosing the right apps and eBooks to use from the myriad options available. This also makes it easy for us to discard cheap and inappropriate digital contents.

That’s me, binge reading Born Reading

The best thing about this book is that, the author connects every information with his personal story and it is so easy for us to grasp the essence of the book. He also tells us the importance of asking questions and having conversation with your baby as you read the story. There are so many story reading lessons (according to baby’s age) for parents and I am sure, this will make a huge change in the way we bond with our child, in a positive way.

Reading books is one of the very rewarding hobbies and our kids will be benefited big time if they read extensively. It is our responsibility to infuse this interest in our munchkins and I am sure this book, Born Reading will be a perfect guide for that.


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