How to stay positive and strong during pregnancy

The joy of carrying a little human in your tummy is the best feeling in the world, without any doubt. The moment you tell people that you are going to be a mom, let me give you a heads up, you are going to be overwhelmed by health tips, parenting advice, baby care suggestions etc. Just don’t give yourself a hard time, mommy!!

But you know what?! No one really talks about how to keep your mind at peace and stay positive through out the pregnancy!According to me this is the topic that has to be discussed with prime importance when a woman says that she is pregnant especially, when she is carrying her baby for the first time.

Surround yourself only with positive people

The baby inside you can feel the stress you possess. So make sure, you have a very positive mental attitude and you stay away from people who give you negative vibes. People might share you all types of scary pregnancy experiences, if you are a first time mom. Remember, every pregnancy is unique and every one’s experience is different. So if you could sense that someone is trying to pull your excitement down by telling you a complicated pregnancy story, RUN!!


Meditation is a wonderful way to calm your mind. Just do a breathing exercise for twice a day for 10 minutes and you can see a lot of difference in yourself. This is just one of the ways meditating. You can try different types of practices and figure which method works best for you. You are not just relaxing mind but you are also spending quality time with yourself when you meditate. It also helps you focus more on your baby and remove negative thoughts and gives you a great emotional strength. You will eventually realize that your anxiety and stress are melting away slowly.

Mild Exercise

Doing some mild exercises will help you relax and refresh your body and mind. You can take a stroll along the woods, take a long walk in the beach or practice some mild yoga possess with professional help. Or basically , you can spend some time alone with nature as you perform some physical exercises. Is there a better therapist than nature? Plus, it helps to improve your physical strength and it is also great for your baby’s growth. Remember : Talk to your Ob-Gyn or any professional health care practitioner before involving in physical activities.


Music is one of the best therapies available in the world. It calms your mind quicker than you think and offers you myriad health benefits. Music also helps in baby’s development and study has shown improvement in baby’s reflexes, movement and mental stimulation. So music benefits you and the baby!! Listen to your favorite songs and soothing music everyday but let the music not be too loud.

Healthy Diet

Having a healthy meal is very important during pregnancy. Don’t eat very little food or do not stuff yourself with too much food, thinking that it is important to eat for two. Unbalanced food and unhealthy eating habits may make you sick and tired, eventually contributing to your cranky mood. Take advice from a qualified nutritionist and eat only good food. Do not skip meals. Make sure you include all necessary vitamins and minerals in your diet. This will keep you fit and also helps you stay positive through out your pregnancy.

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