3 Easy Ways To Keep Your Toddler Engaged Without Gadgets While Shopping

Shopping used to be my favorite activity before baby. My husband also loves shopping and we used to go for one whenever we felt like. Yes, that was before baby. But now that our little munchkin has arrived, we don’t shop that often and it’s certainly not fun anymore. When she was a very tiny baby, I used to pack diapers, wipes, formula, toys, pacifier etc in her diaper bag which usually took an extra half an hour to get ready and if I missed something, the whole shopping experience becomes daunting.

Now that she has become a toddler, the challenges are more difficult and different. She constantly needs to be attended and engaged. She keeps nagging us through out the shopping time and it makes us difficult to keep track of the things we need to buy and do an effective purchasing. So, we found some ways to keep her busy while we are shopping and that does not include any screen time!!

Bond with your child as you shop :

I prefer to plop my baby in the shopping cart and talk to her about things around her. You could tell your little one, a story as you go through the aisle. You can also talk about the stuffs that you are buying and what you do with it. For example, when you put a pack of apples in the cart, tell your baby what it is and describe its color, shape and taste and if possible, dramatically. Little babies love listening to such talks and it also develops their listening skills. You can also encourage the kids to name the fruits and veggies in the super market. This is a great way to connect with your child and in that process, they are also learning.

Keep them busy :

There are days, when you are super drained and you don’t have that energy to talk to your kids and keep them entertained through out the shopping. Those days when you just wanted to buy very few things and wrap it up really fast, you can let them to be busy in their own world. That doesn’t mean you have to hand them a mobile device. You could just carry their favorite toy, book or coloring pad before you leave the home. This will keep them engrossed as you do your quick shopping. For younger babies, you can just grab a colorful, eye-catching item (say like a pack of colorful candies or a toy) from the aisle and let them explore. But remember to put it back before billing. This will help you big time, when you have to rush.

Every toddler is curious and they love exploring! Don’t let their curiosity fade away by giving them a smart device, which actually makes them dull.

Have fun while shopping

This idea works great for older kids. With exciting games for your kids , you can make grocery shopping an amusing experience for them. You can ask them to go for food hunt, you can describe a fruit and ask them to guess the name of it and if your kids can read and write, you can do a lot of interesting stuff with them while you shop. The kids can make their own shopping list and they would be thrilled to buy things for themselves. If they can do basic math like addition you can ask them to add the prices of the goods, ask them to weigh the fruits and veggies and so on. All you need to do is plan a little ahead and you can have a stress-free, fun filled shopping experience.

I hope this article will help you have hassle-free shopping time with your babies. What are your other hacks ? I am very eager to know!


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  1. utesmile says:

    I am glad there are some parents out there like you are thinking. Yes that is the way to go. That is what I used to do 25 years ago. I had good shopping experiences with my children , they never threw a tantrum in a shop as they were always engaged. There is so much they can learn from shopping with you. You are a great mum! Keep it up. In those days we did not have any gadgets and I used many word games, sang together and engaged with talking to the children, nothing visual.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mommy Me says:

      Thank you for your kind words and they truly made my day. I always make sure she is aware of what is around her as there is so much to learn from the outside world. Making them engrossed in a smart device might be a hinder to learn from real life experience. You, as a mother have done a great job too and it is always interesting to know how our previous generations brought their kids up. Thank you again for taking time to share your valuable thoughts.

      Liked by 1 person

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