About Me

This is Ishwarya S, a stay-at-home parent, who loves to read, write, organize, dance and teach. I believe in women empowerment and every woman should be the decision maker of her own life. I have a master’s degree in Genetic Engineering and have few years of experience as a trainer.

I love to travel, meet people and explore the weirdness in the world. I met my husband in my high school. We decided to get married after being in a serious relationship for few years. We got married in 2014 and we are now proud parents of Ishaana Sivakumar, who is also our parenting guru.

The story of Mommy me

There is a cute little story behind the name of this blog. My daughter loves to listen and sing nursery rhymes and she sings almost ten songs. One of her favorites is the famous Finger song! She cannot pronounce finger so she decided to substitute it with the word,’me’! So she sings, ‘Mommy me, Mommy me, where are you?’ in her sweet voice. I found it really super adorable when I heard her sing that way. Hence, I named this blog, ‘Mommy me’!!

I would love to share my parenting experiences and lessons learnt here, in this blog. The posts are purely my personal experiences and I hope you benefit from them.
I wish you have a great time reading this blog and happy parenting mommas!!

To stay in touch, for comments and feedback, email me : info.mommyme@gmail.com