Develop early reading habit in children


This post is to discuss various strategies a parent can use to raise a reader without taking any stress and pressure. I am sure this post will help new parents on the block to inculcate early reading habits in their children. Implementing these tips will also aid in the development of verbal communication.

Start as early as possible

Start reading to your child as early as possible. This will help them recognise parents’ voice and hearing different words will stimulate language skills and will have vast vocabulary by the time they become toddlers. You can read together with your baby even when they are as young as three or four months. You can see them respond by making sounds, showing facial expressions and even by trying to grab the book.

Create a beautiful reading corner

Try to make a beautiful yet simple reading nook for your young children. This will actually create an excitement whenever you ask them to read. Also a little shelf with books of their choice next to the corner will create a natural interest to read. Brining in friends to read, discuss and share their stories about the things/characters mentioned in the books will help them stay connected with books.

Get a library card

Getting a library card and visiting library frequently will expose your child to different genres. It’s a great way to fall in love with books. Many libraries conduct story time and summer programs. Participating in these programs can bring in a great interest to read.

Establish a reading routine

Reading everyday at a specific time and establishing a reading routine will create a bond between books and your kids. Talk more about the book and other things like characters and places mentioned in the book with your kids more to keep them glued to the book.

Do not force

Do not force your kids to read as many kids can’t connect immediately to books. Every child is different and hence some may develop interest in reading right from the beginning and some may take time. Some need more time t o discover the right book. So just be there for them and try to expose them to as many book as you can from different sources.

Rewards – they don’t always have to be materialistic

Giving rewards to your children after they complete a book, will encourage them to take reading as a hobby seriously. Rewards don’t have to be materialistic. It can be a trip to a place related to what they are reading about. For example, if your kids are reading about animals, a trip to zoo can a reward. If they are reading about picnic, you can plan a garden party or a cookout and help them experience what it’s about.

These pointers are from my experience and how I instilled reading habit in my daughter. What do you do to develop the delightedness of reading? Please do share it in the comments!


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  1. bleuwater says:

    My two children were completely different when it came to books. My son was interested in books as a baby and started reading very early, sounding out letters at age two. My daughter wouldn’t sit still and wasn’t interested at all. As young adults they both love to read.

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    1. Mommy Me says:

      That’s so nice to hear that they love to read! Yes, it’s so true that no two children are the same. As parents let’s just keep introducing them to different books consistently. Some day, it might just click!!

      Liked by 2 people

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