What’s in my purse? + Organization tips to make your life easier!!

Are you a mom and is your purse is full of random things that serve no purpose? Do you struggle every time to find your keys or pen or wallet? Does this embarrass you all the time in front of your friends and family?

Then this post is for you!!

Don’t worry I have been there and I learned the lesson the hard way and that’s when I decided to have an organized purse with only absolutely essential items!! Until a few months back, my purse used to be very disorganized, chaotic and I always used to run around the house at the last minute to find things and stuff them inside before leaving the house. I resolved this problem by planning better and packing things in more sensible way.

Firstly, I decided to sort the most important things I need ie, things I cannot absolutely forget before leaving the house. Let’s see them one by one.

Got this one a couple of years ago. The size is perfect to keep all necessary items and works just fine!

  1. Wallet

The things in my wallet are the most important ones and I cannot afford to lose them. Those are

  1. Identity proofs
  2. Credit/Debit card
  3. Library Card
  4. Insurance card
  5. Cash
  6. Shopping coupons
  7. Coins

2. Shades

I cannot peacefully travel anywhere without my shades. My eyes get irritated easily when I go in the sun and sometimes I even get headaches. To avoid this I always make sure that I have my shades in my bag.

3. Lip balm

Lip balm is another important element I need as my lips are super sensitive to the weather in my place. If I don’t apply lip balm, I end up coming home with cracked lips. I always make sure to have one in my purse and one more in car. Yes, it’s that important!!!

4. Hand cream

My skin is generally dry and I have to apply a ton of moisturiser everyday after bath. So a hand cream is something that is very essential for me and I have one with me wherever I go.

Makeup pouch

5. Makeup pouch

When my purse used to be chaotic, I had no makeup pouch. I just grab random makeup items and put them in my bag and leave the house. Only when I had to touch up, I would realise that I had forgotten my mascara or lipstick. This would bring down my mood so much! That’s why I decided to have two sets of makeup. I would use one of my sets at home (which is a bit elaborate) and the other (the absolute essentials) would remain in my purse all the time. Trust me this is one of the biggest hacks of all time and this will make your life much easier!

6. Hygiene Products

  1. Two clean masks put in ziplocks.
  2. Though masks are not required for toddlers, I have one in my purse for my daughter.
  3. Hand Sanitiser.
  4. Disinfectant Wipes.

7. Mobile Phone , Earphones and Keys

8. Pens

I always have two black and two blue pens in my purse.

Last but not the least, you should invest in a good quality purse of right size that will suit your need. I am a hardcore minimalist and I have just one purse that I carry to all places. I don’t mind doing that and since I hate collecting so many things in my house, I had to invest in a purse with excellent quality which will last for a while.

There are two compartments in my bag. The first one is to put my makeup pouch, shades and lip balm. I keep my wallet , pens, keys and hygiene products like sanitiser, masks and wipes in the other one.

What’s that one thing you will never forget to keep in your purse before leaving somewhere?

Do you have a favorite brand?

How many bags do you have?

Do you pack your kids’ stuff too?

Let me know in the comments!!


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