Finding your child’s passion


One of the important responsibilities of a parent is to help the kids identify their passion and to support our best to bring that dream to reality. Some people are never happy with their jobs and are never satisfied with their career achievements because they are not doing it with all their heart and they are simply not following their passion.

If you do not want this to happen to your child then it’s essential to help them find their real interest. I am sharing here some of the ways to help them find out their passion. I really hope you get benefitted from this post.

Give them opportunity to try many different things:

One of the prime and obvious ways to figure out is to let the kids explore many different activities. Allowing kids to try their hand in music, sports, science etc and giving them chance to learn about ample number of options around them will aid them choose their passion. Do not force very little kids to learn arts and practice sports as it may be too much for them and they may end up liking nothing. Kids should be at least 6 years of age to learn arts seriously. If they really love doing something, you will know it by the excitement on their faces!


Spend a lot of time with them and observe what your kids are good at. Parents are super busy these days and we are longing for some lone time once our office and house chores are done. But we often forget that our kids are seriously missing some quality time with us. Spending 30 to 60 minutes a day with your child and observing them will tell us what they are naturally good at. If we have found that out, we can encourage them to continue doing that.

Talk to them

Most of the time, finding your kids’ passion can be really easy. Just have a casual conversation with them and they might tell you that it’s been already figured out! Now as a parent all you have to do is to help them grow into an expert in their area of interest. Look for the right teacher/coach, provide them all necessary resources, keep encouraging them even if they fail a few times.

Identify their strengths

If your child is not too sure about their interest, try to find out their strengths. If your child has not had an opportunity to come across or learn something that excites them, identify their strengths and educate them about what they could pursue with their strengths. For example, if your child is very good in a language, you can encourage them to write stories, poems, join debate clubs , participate in talk shows or they can even be a wonderful teacher. Similarly if they are good at organising, they might love being event organisers, travellers or they might even love being managers of different projects. It’s your duty to translate their strength to interest.

Don’t underestimate and judge their capabilities:

If your child doesn’t show any interest towards attempting new things or learning, don’t be harsh on them. It’s okay to not like what you like or what you think they may like. Do not force them rather wait for them to realise what they really wanted to do in life. Some people may take time to find their passion and some might identify in very early stages. Always be there for them to share what they feel. But never stop introducing them to new things/arts/subjects/professions to them and one day something might just click!!


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