Bashing moms on social media!

Mom-shaming is not something new in this world. It is happening to many moms who genuinely wanted to ask a doubt, voice an opinion and give suggestion. Earlier people were only bashing moms who they knew personally. But since the advent of social media, people have started taking advantage of the facts that their identity is hidden , they are safe behind their phone screens and the victim is just some stranger.

You may think, bashing can happen to anyone on social media but why talk about only Moms? It’s because I feel many first time moms are helpless under various situations and they have to relay on advices from experienced moms in groups in Facebook and other platforms.

I recently asked in a Facebook group about various homeschooling curriculum available and about details of testing my daughter for giftedness. Since I am an expat, I seriously wanted to understand how all these things work in this country and was expecting some useful input.

Just because I had mentioned the word, “gifted” people automatically assumed that I am a “pushy” mom and the one who “forces” my daughter to learn things !!

The responses were flooding within minutes and they were all like,

“Let her lead and don’t push her”!!

“You don’t need a curriculum for a three year old!”

“She might level out when she grows!” Don’t rush her!”

“Why do you care about labels if you are only homeschooling?”

I had clearly mentioned in my post that we don’t have schedule for learning and whatever she does is out of her own interest and I don’t compel or coerce her! In spite of this clarity all I received was some bashing and shaming!

I immediately had to turn off the comment section and I even thought of deleting my post. But thankfully there were few kind souls who responded to my queries through messenger and gave me some beneficial information.

I can’t understand how hard is it going to be to ignore a post if it annoys you. In these times, a mom has to go through so much already and a stranger shaming her for her parenting skills is the last thing she would want.

I seriously hope people commenting on social media should be more kind towards others especially moms because they are the most vulnerable and emotional according to me.


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  1. At one time, howling mobs used pitchforks and flaming torches to voice their disapproval against an individual.

    Today they use Twitter and the comments sections on social media posts.

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  2. tallgirl79 says:

    I used to be a member of a site called Cafe Mom. I made a lot of friends there that I have known for decades but there are hateful people on there. I don’t even join many mom Facebook pages. We used to laugh at the arguments that always turned into a war. Rear facing vs front facing car seats, stay at home moms vs working moms, army wives vs civilian, clothe vs disposable diapers, circumcision vs not, etc. It was all stupid. And it’s worse when it’s fellow moms talking that mess. Ohhhh, I forgot vaccinations OMG! That one will blow up in minutes. Oh and crying it out.

    I am of the thought that we all do what works for our child. There is no formula or rule book for having kids and raising them. One size doesn’t fit all. We’re all struggling here. We should add to one another’s struggle but…. humans.

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    1. Mommy Me says:

      Thanks for reading my blog and for your valuable comment! I am glad you found some supportive people as your friends.
      I totally agree with you!

      People immediately jump to give suggestions without understanding what a mom goes through! If someone says something different from your view, people should learn to accept and respect their choices!


  3. That’s why I’m not on Facebook. It’s stunningly aggressive!

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