Travel mama tales – 2 – Guest post

I hope you all loved part I of Kirsti’s travel experiences with her family. Do check out her blog, Life as The Lonsdales for interesting posts about her beautiful family and parenting. In this post, she recalls the wonderful experience of travelling with her then one year old son for the first time.

Now over to Kristi :

What I learned after taking my first born on holiday with us for the first time was that there were times when it wasn’t always easy but I never expected it to be. I knew laying around on a sun lounger all day with a drink in my hand was not going to happen so I think it helps to accept that fact right away.

My son was 1 years old at the time and for the most part was quite happy to sit in his pram as he wasn’t quite walking fully yet but then there were also times when the heat would get a bit much for him (it could even get a bit much for us sometimes!) and he would get rather agitated in his pram or on myself yet we couldn’t exactly just leave him on the floor either.

Spain, Tenerife and Wales

I think this was why he absolutely loved visiting the beach so much as he was able to sit on the sand, play freely with it and play in the water with us. The breeze by the sea must have also felt quite nice for him! I loved watching him play with his bucket and spade and couldn’t believe that he was all mine. I also felt a sense of pride that I had taken my child on holiday, that we had worked hard to provide this experience for him and I felt very lucky to be able to do so.

So although travelling with our son might not have always been a walk in the park or a tranquil vacation, I wasn’t disappointed as I knew it wouldn’t have been. Looking after a 1 year old brings challenges no matter what your surroundings may be. In my opinion, travelling with kids is definitely worth it, knowing that the memories (the ups and the downs!) we made together as a family will stick with us all for the rest of our lives.

If you are thinking of travelling with your child, I have this to say. ” DO IT!” Travelling together as a family has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done and each time we go on holiday together I feel that it brings us closer together as well.

As always, thank you for reading. Please let me know your thoughts on this article by leaving a comment.

Kirsti, xo

I am sure you must have enjoyed reading this post. If you are a mom that loves to travel, do write to me. I will be more than happy to host you. For more details check here.


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