“Why is parenting so stressful these days?”- Chapter 2

I hope you all enjoyed reading chapter – 1 of the same topic. Since, this area has to be discussed in detail, I thought I will make a series of posts. If you are someone who stresses out too much when it comes to parenting, all you have to do is just analyse the factors causing you that tension and let’s try to find the possible solutions together.

I am going to help you determine the reasons for your stress in this series and if you could point a finger on any of those things, ask yourself about how to deal with it.

As parents, we worry too much about other people’s judgement about our parenting style. We constantly look for validation from our friends and family about how well we are performing our duties as parents. We always forget that we don’t need a third person to tell us how to raise our kids. Plus, we start worrying about their judgmental comments and we strive a little too much to prove them wrong.

If someone is criticising you constantly for your parenting skills, my sincere advice for you is, to stay away from that person. You might waste excessive amount of time trying to please that person instead of having fun brining up the little one. Our kids grow up too fast before you even realise. So, be mindful of how you are directing your energy. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as “perfect parent”. It’s all about how satisfied you are and happy the kids are.

If you have few positive parenting tips, please do share them in the comments. It will be super useful for me and our readers!


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  1. I love your emphasis on getting to know the little one and having fun doing it. 😊

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    1. Mommy Me says:

      Glad you agree with it❤️


  2. Shelly DS says:

    Yes, yes, YES! Stay away from anyone who criticises because parenting is already so hard in itself that you don’t need added negativity.

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