Five tools that I use to teach my toddler at home

Keeping a toddler busy at home is no easy task. They need constant engagement in some activity and if you can teach them using a variety of interesting tools, you can see it for yourself that they absorb everything you tell them, like a sponge. I teach my 2.4 year old toddler using different objects and I also combine them to make learning magical for her.

In this post, I would just like to introduce the basic tools that we use to learn at home and these have been really helpful in our educational journey. Going forward, I will be posting on how effectively we use this and how you can modify and use each learning device as per your child’s mood on that particular day.

Also it is very important for parents to understand that, we should never force our little ones to learn something that they are not interested in or not ready to learn yet. To know about the basics of starting your educational experience in a more positive way, read here. Alright, with that disclaimer, let’s check out the learning materials I use to help my toddler learn.

Interactive Books:

I love interactive books and picture books and I strongly believe books are the best way to explore this world at this age. We love reading books together and I usually let her choose the books she want to read from our local library. Our personal book collection is very minimal but thanks to our library, we have read more than a hundred books already! Reading is not just for improving her language and speech skills. It aids her to think, ask questions and get creative.

Flash Cards :

Flash cards are great for improving your child’s memory, vocabulary and analytical thinking. There are myriad activities you can create with flash cards and they will never get bored if you use the cards in interesting ways. There are flash cards available for every subject including language, basic math, animals, plants, flowers etc. So find out the cards that are appropriate for your child’s age and get them. Alternatively, you can buy blank flash cards and write what you want to teach.

White board and markers :

The biggest advantage is that it keeps both the parent and the kid engaged and helps them bond in the process of learning. It also helps parents to think out of the box and create more learning exercises which will in turn keep the child more attentive. The kids also get creative and more expressive when they are allowed to used to markers without any restriction. They get a huge amount of satisfaction and confidence when their imagination is translated into an art or a story. It is important for parents to monitor the kids when using white board and markers.

Building blocks :

There are so many things a child learns while building blocks. It helps greatly with hand-eye coordination, it improves cognitive skills, it gives them an idea about space and reasoning, stacking blocks one over the another helps them improve fine motor skills, it unleashes their creativity, it gives them a basic idea about how things are built and they develop an urge to know about buildings and their shapes. Older kids also develop math and engineering skills when they are allowed to play with blocks.

Simple puzzles :

Puzzles are a great way to help kids recall and revise things they know already. There are puzzles available in stores for everything these days, from simple alphabet puzzles to puzzles that give children a gentle nudge to think logically and give appropriate reasons. If not, parents can create their own simple puzzles using various DIY ideas available online in various platforms. This will give both kids and the parents a great sense of fulfillment and self-satisfaction. Kids, when solve puzzles, learn to solve problems, their language skills are improved, their concentration and focus increases, they get spatial awareness, improves memory and hand-eye coordination.

I hope you found this article helpful. I would be happy to know what kind of learning kits and tools you use to teach your kids. Please share your thoughts in the comments or you can write to me,


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