She did this for the first time and I am not very pleased! Toddler tales – Part 1

Little children are very sensitive and they communicate with us through their emotions. I strongly believe toddler tantrums are just their mode of communication and it is parents’ responsibility to decode the underlying information and react accordingly! My daughter is two years now and yes, I am slowly learning to unravel the message she tells me by whining, screaming, crying and yelling! Read this post further to know about the lesson I recently learned from her.

Last Saturday, we went to our friend’s place for dinner. There were also few other friends who had come with their kids and it is needless to say that my daughter was super excited to play with them. We don’t meet friends very often so it is mostly just the two of us at home. I take her to library twice or thrice in a month and that’s another time where she gets chance to meet kids.

She was playing with a kid of her age that day and I called her to eat some food. She refused because she was very involved in playing but I also knew she was hungry. So I made both the kids sit beside me and I started singing a rhyme and offered to show that song on YouTube so that she would settle down in a place and see what I am offering her in the plate.

She finished eating the food eventually and she wanted to see more songs on the phone now and was least interested in playing with her friend. However, I was not really ready to let her watch more songs so I told her to go play with her friend. Usually when I tell her that it’s time to stop watching YouTube, she immediately listens to me distracts herself with a toy or something else. I know she is two, she has her own mood swings and tantrums are common at this age, but what she did then was very new and shocking to me and my husband.

Yes, for the first time, she hit me with her soft little hands with so much anger not just once but thrice! I was shell shocked and I didn’t know how to react. I felt really ashamed with all our friends around but they did not react out of courtesy. I was not able to enjoy the rest of the evening as part of me said that I was a failure in parenting and the other part of me said, that I was just over-reacting. I also noticed, my little one refused to make eye-contact with me after that. Whatsoever, I decided to address this issue after going home.

——– To be continued —-


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