Toddler diet series : Recipes reviewed by certified nutrition expert, Dr. Frieda Fontaine, NDTR

I am so happy to announce that Mommy Me will be updating a healthy, balanced and a delicious recipe for toddlers starting this week and the most exciting part is, it will be reviewed by a certified nutritionist and the comments will be added in the same post.

Mommy Me is very particular about providing authentic and accurate practical solutions for parents and I hate to compromise that for any reason. I believe parents should be informed with actual facts which will help them choose the best for their kids. So, I decided to provide moms with yummy food options for kids every week plus a detailed review of that recipe by an expert Nutrition and Dietetic Technician (NDTR).

Yes, we parents have a rough idea of what is healthy food and what is unhealthy food. But what do we know about nutritional content of every food and how well do we know about balancing all the nutrients in a meal?

This is how a typical south Indian meal looks like. Includes : Rice, yellow lentils, veggies , Sambar : A side dish loaded with veggies and lentils , Rasam – a soup with pepper,garlic, turmeric that aids in digestion and a crisp for side for extra taste!
Image : Mommy me

That’s why I have collaborated with an expert, Dr. Frieda Fontaine, credentialed by the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) as a Nutrition and Dietetic Technician, Registered (NDTR). She has experience as Dietary Director in skilled nursing facilities and she also works as a private Nutrition Counselor. To know everything about diet and nutrition and for expert tips and advice, follow her blog, Let’s discuss nutrition.

Dr. Frieda Fontaine, NDTR

More than everything, I found her to be a great human being and a very sweet soul. I am really glad that we are collaborating. She has a great passion for her profession and I am fortunate to work with her. I warmly welcome, Dr. Frieda Fontaine to be a part of Mommy Me!


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    1. Mommy Me says:

      Mommy me is very glad to collaborate with you 🙂

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  1. The food photographed looks divine!😋 I wish I knew how to cook those dishes as Indian food is my favorite. Looking forward to this series for toddlers. Mine is a picky eater.

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    1. Mommy Me says:

      I am hoping that the new series will benefit moms. I will mostly add foods that are loved by my little one and hopefully yours will like it too.

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  2. That is great. 🙂

    You are welcome on board ma’am. 🤗

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