Interview with Certified Lactation Consultant, Natasha Armstrong : All about supporting moms and breastfeeding basics

Breastfeeding journey may not be a cake-walk for many of us. Every mom and baby are unique and like wise, their demands. First few weeks are the most-stressful periods and this is the time when mom and the baby would actually figure out where it goes wrong and how to rectify it. For example, I had no issue with milk-supply but I suffered from severe nipple-sores and it took me three weeks to recover.

It sometimes becomes so challenging that some moms decide to stop trying. It is during these situations, a professional help could make a so much difference and might provide moms with lots of support and trouble-shooting methods and put them in the right track.

Let us meet one such professional lactation consultant and a mom of five, Natasha Armstrong. She talks about the basics of breastfeeding journey in this interview with Mommy Me.

Natasha Armstrong is a 30-year old super mom. She has a 13 year old step son, eight and six year old daughters, four year old and 20 month old sons. She has been happily married for 8 years. She is a certified lactation consultant helping fellow mommies plus, she works part time as a mail carrier. More than everything, having had a few conversations with her on several things, I would easily say, she is one of the most beautiful souls I’ve known.

Natasha and her beautiful family

She became a certified lactation consultant to help mothers to have a beautiful and smooth nursing journey. If you need a strong support for your breastfeeding journey from an expert, she is always available on her Facebook page and group, called Breastfeeding Support Iosco County Michigan. You can message the page, email her at, or call at (989) 619-5645.

Mommy Me : Why did you choose to become a certified lactation consultant ?

Natasha : I only nursed my first daughter for only about a month due to many factors, so I was determined to go farther with my next babies. I ended nursing my second daughter for 18 months, my first son for 3 years (through pregnancy and for 7 months after my second son was born), and still currently nursing my second son. That really gave me the passion to want to help others overcome things in their nursing journey so they don’t have to give up like I did with my first.

Mommy Me : Why is it important to see a certified lactation consultant?

Natasha : While breastfeeding is natural, it’s not always instinctual. A lactation consultant can provide support, knowledge, and empathy during a time that can sometimes be very hard.

Mommy Me : What are the most common issues that a lactating mom would face?

Natasha : Incorrect latch and fear of a low milk supply.

Mommy Me : What major role does nutrition play in increasing milk supply?

Natasha : Nutrition is huge for the lactating parent. Their body will make exactly what their baby needs, no matter what they eat. Eating healthy will benefit them so they can give their body what they need. Is it a myth that sending what you eat is better/worse for baby.

Mommy Me : What are the foods that you recommend for increasing milk supply?

Natasha : There’s no scientifically proven foods that increase milk supply. Lactation is based on supply and demand; more demand for Milk, the more your body supplies.

Mommy Me : What do you think are the causes for poor milk supply?

Natasha : Not nursing often enough is the biggest one.

That’s Natasha and her adorable son, blissfully enjoying the feeding journey

Mommy Me : How often do you recommend to feed the babies?

Natasha : There should be no schedule on when a baby eats, you should feed anytime baby shows hunger cues. This includes during nighttime.

Mommy Me : Do you think a C-section would affect milk supply?

Natasha : There could be a delay on hormone release, and some nursing positions could be painful which would lower demand, thus lowering supply.

Mommy Me : Do lactation consultants help with bottle-feeding and pumping?

Natasha : Yes, though we’ll always recommend nursing first if possible.

Mommy Me : How long should a baby be exclusively breastfed and why is that important?

Natasha : As long as baby and parent want to. WHO recommends at least a year, but a lot of other countries commonly nurse 4 to 7 years!

Mommy Me : Is there a correlation between weight-loss and breast-feeding? 

Natasha : Some have experienced it as your body burns more calories, but a lot of lactating parents have a feeling of being hungrier so eat more and may not lose weight. Everyone is different.

Mommy Me : Can you give some tips for successful weaning?

Natasha : Child led weaning is recommended, but offering less each day could help wean.

Mommy Me : What should a mom expect in the weaning journey?

Natasha : A lot of tears, or a complete disregard. Each baby and parent are different.

Mommy Me : What is the difference between getting lactation advice from mom, friends and aunts and getting help from a professional like you? 

Natasha : A lot of advice from peers and family could be outdated, and may not help as much as you need. CLCs are trained in the most recent scientific data and are required to continue education every 3 years to keep up to date.

Mommy Me : Anything else you want to share

Natasha : I am a parent who has struggled, just like most. I really want to help ease others struggles if I can.

I thank Natasha for readily accepting to give Mommy me a wonderful, informative interview. I am sure many first-time moms will be benefited by this.

If you are someone who is keen on helping mothers and children, (could be in anyway) do send me an email at Mommy me will be more than happy to honor you by featuring you.


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