Favorite Children’s books – Guest post by Vivian, author of Chocoviv, lifestyle blog

Author of Chocoviv Lifestyle Blog, Vivian takes a nostalgia ride by sharing her favorite books that she read with her kids and why she loves them. The stories that Vivian has shared here are truly heartwarming. It is so amazing that how certain books are emotionally connected to us!

Vivian, author of Chocoviv, Lifestyle blog
She is also one of the huge Harry Potter fans!

Apart from blogging, Vivian loves to travel and explore the world to expand her knowledge, She also likes skincare and playing with make-up. She is also a huge Harry Potter fan!

Now over to Vivian’s article :

VeggieTales Books and Readers

As a mom of two tweens, my children are too old to read baby board books. But ever since they were babies, I have been reading to them every night and anytime that they brought me a book. One of their favorite group of characters were the VeggieTales. We used to have a huge collection of their DVD’s that we would watch together. I really loved that they brought up many issues that could arise as the children were growing up. “These issues included forgiveness, bullies, parents, and even self-esteem.” -Wikipedia

As an adult, I loved their sense of humor that they would blend into their retelling of Bible stories with pop culture parodies. Life lessons were their main focus and the children just loved it. Therefore, I began to purchase their books for the children to add to their reading logs for school.

Don’t Stress: How to Handle Life’s Little Problems and Stress Less: Tips and Tools to Help You Chill

by Helaine Becker

Life was tough and complicated. Growing up, my mother often gave me tips to help reduce my stress. Sometimes, they worked and sometimes, they didn’t. There was a generation gap, so I often had to figure things out on my own. That’s a lot for a 9 year old to do…..A few years ago, my older child showed me these two books by Helaine Becker that she had ordered through the Scholastic Book Club from school.

Both of these books gave tips on how to reduce the reader’s stress levels. These tips were age-appropriate for primary school children. Once they got used to these techniques, they could continue to utilize what they had learned in high school too! 

I would like to thank Vivian, for taking time to send me this wonderful article and for giving Mommy Me a very interesting interview.

I hope you find this article useful. If you have any book suggestions, let me know in the comments below. If you are interested in sending Mommy Me a guest post, read here.

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  1. Jim Borden says:

    I guess my kids were too old by the time Veggie Tales came out, but it sounds like a great series.


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