Interview with Vivian – a multi-talented, super-mom!

I am so excited to introduce our next guest blogger, Vivian who shares interesting real-life stories, in her lifestyle blog, Chocoviv’s Lifestyle Blog She writes about her experiences almost everyday in her blog and the best part is, she can write about anything and everything in the most fascinating way! She is undoubtedly a multifaceted person, proving herself in different dimensions and fields.

Let’s check her interview out :

Mommy Me : Tell our wonderful readers about you and your interests

Vivian : My Name is Vivian. Besides blogging, I am a Certified Sports Nutritional Consultant. I am also a licensed esthetician and I also work on other businesses social media platforms. I love travelling abroad and it helps me to expand my knowledge of the world. I love skincare and playing with make up. I also love to read and paint. I have two wonderful kids, who are catching up to my height soon!

The super-talented lifestyle mommy blogger, Vivian

Mommy Me : Tell us about your wonderful blog.

Vivian : I have been helping as a freelancer for over a year now, but only started my lifestyle blog in June 2019.

Mommy Me : What is it that you like the most about blogging? 

  Vivian : To be able to share everything that I do or like

Mommy Me : What is your favorite thing to do with your family?

Vivian : Just hanging out with my children and chatting with them.

Painted by Vivian along with her sister. Isn’t it amazing?

Mommy Me : What is your favorite social media platform for promoting your blog and why?

Vivian : Twitter is my favorite because other bloggers there help each other to retweet and follow each other. So supportive!!

Mommy Me : What is your advice for mommy bloggers?

Vivian : Write from your heart! Don’t worry about those critics that are out there. Build your mom tribe!

Mommy Me : What are your future plans for your blog? 

Vivian : I will keep blogging to keep track of my daily life and memories. I tell my children that all this social media work that I am doing is my legacy. They will get to read about me even when I pass on….

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Vivian and her blog. I am really glad that she decided to contribute a guest post on her favorite children’s books in Mommy Me and I thank her for kindheartedly accepting my request for a crisp interview.

I am currently inviting guest posts for my blog. If you are interested in getting featured in Mommy Me, read here.


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  1. Chocoviv says:

    I will be posting and featuring you tomorrow:)

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