Naturopathy – How nature can cure you

I remember vividly, a few years back, when one of my mom’s friends had come to our home and she talked about how one of our relatives with stage 3 ovarian cancer, became cancer free after taking treatment from a naturopathic clinic in Coimbatore, India.

It was a very fascinating story for me because, it was during that period I was involved in cancer research, targeting breast cancer cells with nanotechnology and we were really working hard to find a cure. I also happen to hear her story on a video on youtube (the video is still out there and can provide link on request) and I was even more thrilled to know about this form of treatment.

I started learning more and more about naturopathic way of curing a disease and finally understood, that our health depends on how well we treat our body and on the quality of our lifestyle. One could treat so many diseases just by detoxing, eating food that are grown in the right way and following certain exercise (Yoga) routines.

1. Detox – Enema, cleansing nose and eyes everyday
2. Eat healthy foods in the most natural form as prescribed the doctor

I decided to visit that particular clinic and finally after few years, I got the opportunity to meet the doctor in person. He was a simple man, was easily approchable with so much of knowledge and he explained the process of how he treats patients there. He charged just Rs.150 (approx $2) for consultation. He spoke close to an hour and he made us understand exactly why it is important to detox and do yoga regularly.

3. Drink lots of water
4. Practice yoga regularly – twice a day
5. Get ample vit D and don’t forget to meditate!

The treatment charges were very nominal, the patients were not miserable ( I’ve been hospitalized twice for different reasons in conventional hospitals so I know how it feels) and were so happy and were like a family. The whole hospital situation was so different and positive for me. It is located at the foot of a hill with ample fresh air and sunlight.

After visiting the naturopathy clinic, I started reading many books on this method of treatment and how nature cures one’s body. The steps are very simple – eat natural, raw foods, drink lots of water, do yoga every day twice, detox thoroughly, sleep better and make sure you get enough sunlight. The doctor usually gives you the list of foods you have to eat based on the nutrition you need.

Though we go to allopathy doctors and take medications when required, I understood that if we follow the above steps and make it a routine and habit, we can have a healthier lifestyle.

I hope you guys benefitted from this post and if you need book suggestions or information on this, do comment.

PS : The post is purely based on my personal views. Request readers not to consider this as a medical advice.

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