Handle toddler tantrums like a boss!

My little one is 22 months already. As she grows little more everyday, I am learning more and more from her. The most important lesson I learned from her is that, some overwhelming emotions could be delivered by subtle gestures and at the same time, even a simple emotion can be expressed by an exaggerated maneuver. As a parent, it is important to understand the nuances in their baby’s behavioral changes and attend it immediately so that they are emotionally strong always. Any mom who has parented a toddler can understand what I am alluding to.

Even after so many attempts, this was the best I could do to make her pose :/

Toddlers get super annoyed easily because, their mind is extremely curious to explore something (which is dangerous most of the time) but physically as they are not capable of that. They ask you to help them, you refuse it for obvious reasons and frustrations due to inability to do something and continuous refusals, together cause the frenzy behavior. Plus, they cannot express everything they want through speech. So imagine what they must me going through.

At such situations, the best thing to do is ignore their tantrum and slowly divert them to some other thing without being obvious or mentioning it to them so that they will eventually forget it. My little one is is currently fascinated with numbers, counting, alphabets and of course, animals. So I make sure that I have plenty of activities based on these things to divert her and calm her down while she is at the peak of her outburst. Playing or singing her favorite song at that moment also helps me sometimes.

Say nos 1 to 20, count, color, repeat!

Firstly, it is important to accept the fact that every toddler gets angry, frustrated and has temper tantrums. If we truly realize the reason behind the frustration, parents can easily handle them without losing our cool. They are meant to be like that in this age and we must be happy and proud that our kids are doing just fine.


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