Learning with fun- Summer toddler activity with printable worksheets from education.com

I strongly believe that education should be something that is fascinating and enjoyable for kids and there should always be an element of fun while they learn. Every child must understand what he or she is absorbing and this is very important especially, for young kids because they should get their basics and fundamentals right.

For the kids to relish what they are being taught, parents and teachers must focus on how they are planning to impart knowledge in their kids. Children never like it, when they are coerced to do something.

Children learn more when they play with friends, when they make messes, when they are taken on trips, when they are allowed to be themselves than what they are taught in classrooms. So parents should realize that, kids gain more knowledge when they have fun.

Now we have so many resources and tools available just a click away that provide various learning exercises, worksheets, games, puzzles and activity based learning. The most important thing parents have to consider while letting their kids use these resources is, the standard of the learning platform. It should be of very great standard and must be parent and teacher friendly too.

One such great online learning resource is education.com and I am so glad I found it. It has myriad activities for the kids, starting from preschool to Grade 5 and they are all so awesome and gripping even for the parents. I personally love the themed worksheets with super creative activities for all classes. These worksheets are so engrossing and children will be glued to these activities and they could learn so much as they complete each exercise.

Ishaana is all set to try a kayaking themed maze activity and it’s obvious that she is super excited!!

My daughter is now in this stage where she is so thrilled about using pens, color pencils, papers and stickers. She loves to draw random stuff on a paper.

My daughter and I worked on a printable kayaking themed worksheet from education.com. She loved the ride on a Kayak and we practiced our pencil grasp and worked to improve fine motor skills!! This activity also helps in improving her hand-eye coordination. There are also other themes available like hiking, water balloons, back to school dinosaurs, outer space, and more.

I helped her hand-over-hand to finish the maze. Made up a little story to complete the maze so that she could stay focused 🙂

Mission accomplished!
After finishing the puzzle she wanted to color the sea blue!

I am looking forward to trying more such printable worksheet activities of various other super cool themes from their website. There are also games, interactive stories, science projects, educational songs and so many fun ways to learn for the kids.

This is a sea-themed multiplication worksheet for older kids and I found it super cool!I am sure kids will surely love working on this!

I also signed up for free in their website, www.education.com and I am now able to download engaging and very creative activities for my daughter for free. Isn’t that amazing?

Let me know about your ingenious way of teaching and what’s your kid’s favorite subject in the comments!!


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  1. Your little girl is so pretty. Thanks for the blog post

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mommy Me says:

      Thank u so much 🙂


  2. Hi ! this post is so awesome – you make an extremely good point – kids learn more effectively when they are have fun. right now, lah-lah is coloring, drawing pictures…and biting on crayons…yikes!!!….thank goodness, they are non-toxic!!!!

    your little one is ssssooo adorable! such a pretty smile, you are truly blessed!


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