What does your kid really want?

The first and foremost duty of a parent is to let the child understand and grasp the world by itself rather than forcing it to learn things that you already know.

So what if your child knows the alphabets? Do you think this is your child’s greatest talent?

The biggest mistake we do is, we compare and we try to prove that our child is smarter than other kids. To show that we teach them alphabets, numbers, rhymes and so many boring stuffs. Some parents are even worried that their kid might miss out something if they are not put in schools at 2 years of age!! I mean seriously?

What if your child is more intelligent than what you think she is capable of? If you force your child to learn something without giving her space to identify her talent and passion, your child might turn out to be an average student. However I personally believe that there is nothing wrong in being mediocre.

What does your toddler really crave?

To play in the park with their friends and come home with boo boos to show off to siblings.

Swim and swim and swim with daddy in the pool until those little arms are really tired.

Build sand-castle with siblings and have an awesome day out in the beach.

Play peek a boo with mommy and talk random stuff with her. Also they would love some sweet, warm bed-time stories after mommy has tucked them in bed.

Long trips in the car with family, play funny games on the way while munching yummy snacks.

Look at trash trucks, ice-cream trucks, mail trucks and school buses and shout their lungs out with so much excitement.

Laugh when they laugh, sing when they sing, dance when they dance and be empathetic when they cry and throw tantrums.

The world of toddlers is really small, but it is very very interesting. It is important for parents to get into their sphere and understand their needs and emotions rather than trying to pull them into our grown-up, chaotic world.


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  1. Love this, yes, yes play and play, definitely let the children have a childhood, you should be Children’s Minister 😉😉

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    1. Mommy Me says:

      Ha ha ha love that 😄

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  2. momincolumbus says:

    So true! Kids need to be kids! Mine love to explore and we have a zoo membership, or parks are always free to explore. They learn so much from exploring outdoors and even indoors. It’s not good to grow up too fast.

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    1. Mommy Me says:

      I love your way of parenting. We don’t have to buy them latest gadgets or costly toys to make them smart and happy. Also there are many inexpensive ways to explore and gain knowledge while having fun. We have membership public library and we participate in events as much as possible. zoo and children’s museum are our choices too! Great job, mommy!!


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