Watch what your kids are watching!

It is so common these days to leave our kids alone with smart devices in order to have some time for ourselves. Though we know deep inside our hearts that it is not the right thing, we do it anyways because we do not have a choice. We cannot watch the kids all the time and we have our own things to do. At the least moms need rest room breaks and shower time if not a sophisticated ‘me-time’.

I decided to take a shower, leaving my toddler with my phone, a couple of days back. Now, I generally don’t do this and when I need a break, I always switch on the tv and set the appropriate channel, make her sit in a chair with safety belts. What I did the other day was totally against our Screen-time-rules of our home.

I went inside the shower and within 2 minutes, I heard her crying so badly. My heart stopped for a second, I quickly turned the shower off and rushed to see what had happened.

Million things ran in my mind and I was super nervous and was super worried that if she had hurt herself. I opened the door with extreme tension, to see what chaos had happened. I found her crying her lungs out sitting in the corner of our bedroom. But she was not hurt or anything. As soon as she saw me, she ran towards me and gave me a tight hug. She told me, “scary” and directed me towards my phone.

I picked it up and was so upset to see what was going on. The video was definitely for kids or at least that was what mentioned in the description.

It was about a baby that was very mischievous and has anger management issues. The baby does all arrogant things to fellow kids, animals and has very ridiculous expressions that are definitely not appropriate for kids of any age.

This is what I saw!

My little girl was so upset with all his angry expressions and rude behaviour portrayed. I was so disappointed with myself and with the content on Youtube.

However, I am glad that she is smart enough to differentiate between the good and bad at this age. I learnt my lesson too. I promised myself not to break the rules again.

I request all parents to take control of the digital contents that are watched by your kids and I would suggest you not to give the control of any smart devices until the age of 10.


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  1. Dad4Gracie says:

    This is good advice and your personal experience points out how important. Some kids might even try to copy this bad behavior themselves.

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  2. momincolumbus says:

    I have the PBS kids app on my phone and I like to have my daughter watch that because it is more wholesome shows.

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  3. Zadi says:

    You have such a very good point, thanks for sharing this post, I am constantly checking what my kids are watching too for that reason, the last thing I did was, merge you tube account on his device to my phone, that way I can see in my YouTube what he is seeing even if I am not home, and I talk to him a lot about all the videos that he is going to find that are not appropriate and why to exit the video ๐Ÿ˜Š

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  4. Mommy Me says:

    Thanks and it is so nice of you talk to him and prepare him for what he might encounter. This is a great and matured way of parenting ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. I agree with you 100%. I realised too that the many cartoon shows are not kid-appropriate.


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