Plastic free July

To acknowledge plastic free July, I gifted my daughter an eco-friendly wooden train toy.

Our micro step towards acknowledging plastic free July and inculcating the idea of plastic free earth to our little one!

Okay, now please don’t think that I am a mom that spoils her girl by showering her with expensive toys and stuff often just to make her feel good. I am totally against that idea and I believe that joy that comes from toys and gadgets lasts only for few minutes or may be hours. We have very few toys and all her collections will easily fit into two medium-sized storage boxes.

We do have few plastic toys which I am not really proud of. But most of what we have are gifts from family and it will be really rude of us to decline their gifts. So I promised myself to reuse them properly or donate them once she is tired of playing with them.

This is our plastic toy collection! Love to gift to someone who is okay with pre loved toys.

One more thing I am not a big fan of is, plastic packaging. Though some of the toys are eco-friendly and plastic free, the pack in which it comes involves plastic. The whole point of going earth-friendly fails big time in this case.

A few other things, that I am bringing to practice are, using cloth diapers at home and using disposabled only at nights and during travel. Avoiding wet wipes and paper towels as much as possible and I ve replaced them with cloth towels.

What are other simple things I can do to save our planet? Pour in your suggestions, please.


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  1. Oh I like wooden toys! Especially the puzzles and Thomas the train.

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    1. Mommy Me says:

      Yes, wooden toys are so nice to play with. We have a kitchen set made from wood. My mom gifted it to my daughter, bought from India. They are super cool!

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  2. momminintherealworld says:

    We have a couple sets of the wooden cars in your photo, my kids love them.

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    1. Mommy Me says:

      Yes, they are really cool to play with 🙂


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