Toddler Tales

Little Ishku got up at 4.00 am today and woke me up asking for cookie! I was super sleepy yet managed to grab a cookie from the box and handed it to her.

She was least bothered about cookies by then. She wanted to play the numbers game. Let me tell you what it is. It is a simple game, in which I tell her a number and she picks the right one from the lot and sticks on a chart.

Now she found out promptly that number 7 was missing in the lot and at 4.30 am I found myself cutting 7 out of a paper. I gave the scraps and told her to trash them.

She came straight up to me and placed one of the scrap papers on my head and said, “quon”. I, for a second was totally confused and I asked her what it was again. She repeated “quon”. I grabbed the paper from her looked at it and the paper’s shape was like that of a crown.
Yes, like a queen’s crown!

She has just called her mommy a queen! Hearing the word, “queen” from my little girl for the first time was so good and the fact that she thinks her mommy is a queen is even more amazing!!


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  1. Ellen says:

    This is so cute! 🤩💛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Mommy Me says:

      Thank you, Ellen!


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