How I choose safe and harmless baby products for my daughter

As a first time mom I simply cannot express here, how nervous I feel every time I am trying a product first time on my baby. Whenever I buy a new product, I spend at least few hours to read the reviews, read the ingredients, understand the ingredient and its purposes, what it does for my baby etc.

I simply don’t buy a product, especially for my baby, just because someone recommended it or because the brand is so popular and has been in market for so many years. Like most moms, I chose to go for organic and local products during her first few months. Till her 8th month, I used organic bath powder bought from a local shop. I used pure cotton clothes, pure cotton and bamboo cotton towels. I did use disposable diapers for her whenever we had to travel but at home my daughter wore only bamboo cotton cloth diapers.

Now that we have moved to a different place, I find it difficult to get authentic organic home-made products for the baby and I was left with no choice but to look for the best in the available conventional and commercial options. Like I said I just don’t trust a product based on the reviews alone. I do my research from google, of course, but I look for the info at credible sites. So, how do I choose my baby’s products?

  • Get to know the brands that are available in the market.
  • I always keep a list of ingredients that are a big ‘no’ in baby products.
  • Read the label
  • If the products have those ingredients, I reject them
  • My mantra : More unknown ingredients = More chance of rejecting them
  • I choose the products with very little ingredients. I also go for products with more natural components rather than chemical ingredients.
  • Read reviews by fellow moms.
  • I read the label again and research every unknown chemical and its effect.
  • If the ingredients are said to be non-carcinogenic and harmless, I tick the product and buy it.

Yes, it is a lengthy and time-consuming process. But what is more important than your baby’s health? It’s impossible these days to find a product with zero chemicals. So the basic idea is to look for more natural ingredients and eliminate the products with toxic chemicals.

I use this same method to buy all of my baby’s products including shampoo, bath gel, diaper cream, face cream, moisturizer and so on. You can read about those harmful ingredients I avoid in my future posts and I am planning to post a detailed blog on the products I use for her, very soon.

So let me know what you think of this process of selecting a product and also tell me how you do this. Looking forward to hearing some interesting tips!


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