How to keep your toddler occupied while you are busy

Children just love to copy everything we do and most of us know this. But what many don’t know is, how to use this as an advantage and help them grow and learn things, while we are busy.

I make my daughter do whatever I do. Of course, only age appropriate activites. I let her involve in everything I do. When needed I even pretend and make her think that she is of great help to me and that her presence is very crucial for my job to get done.

This gives her an immense joy and pride. She feels so awesome to help mom and dad in their work. These activities give her a great confidence and security and she realizes that she is an important person in the family.

Well, how do I involve her in my chores?
When I cook, I give her a garlic to peel and she does it with so much interest that she never gets bored. She loves to raid our fridge! She loves to name the veggies, pretends to sell veggies and fruits,tries to tell stories with items in the refrigerator and so on.

She invents new game almost everyday. All we have to do is, play along and have little patience to clear the mess they make. Trust me, they learn so much when they are allowed to make a mess.

Similarly, when I do laundry, I ask her to help me load the laundry basket with clothes from dryer, when I work on my blog, I give her tasks to write(read scribble) on a notebook or a coloring pad.

Some major editing work had been done, while I was busy working on my blog.

I would say, don’t consider your child as a speed-breaker to finish your jobs. Let them get involved. Because, in the process, they learn, they are busy, you are spending quality time with your kid and most importantly, your work is also getting done without disturbance or delay!!


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  1. I love this! It’s great to get them involved in what you’re doing instead of just sitting them in front of a tv. These are great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Mommy Me says:

      Thank you and am so glad you like this post!


  2. Ellen says:

    You’re daughter is so cute! She looks a lot like you. ☺️ It’s such a good idea to get her to help with the work.


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