Let’s talk personal

I would like to talk something more personal here in this post. I know you know that I am a blogger mom. What more do you know about me? I thought it’s time to make a post to tell something about me and my life before my marriage. This post might actually help me make some good friends too!

I started jotting down some points in my diary to write this post and it was so emotional. So many things to share yet those details were too personal. But I felt like I should get those off my chest too. So here I am, sharing everything right my childhood. Why am I acting too corny? Well read on and you will know why.

I was born and brought up in Tirunelveli, a small city in southern Tamil Nadu, India.

I come from a super conservative family.

My hostel days!Look at that innocent face 🙂

I did my schooling in all-girls school until class 10 and I was not allowed to talk to boys. Forget talking to boys, even talking about boys was big ‘no no’ in my teens. This may come as a shock to some of you but this is how my family is (most of the Indian families are).

I was brought up in a joint-family system and my dad is a business man who is always busy.My mom is an amazing home-maker, great cook and she has been a rock when I had my lows.

For my higher secondary (11th and 12th grades), I went to a different school where I met my husband. We were best friends for few years and then we started going out and finally got married after being in a relationship for 6 years.

My family is a conservative one, where women’s opinions are always secondary. Men make decisions and women have no power over finances and other important stuffs. I was brought up as a girl with super low self-confidence and my voice was promptly suppressed every now and then when I had opinions.

Almost a decade ago!

I studied in a school, with so many unwanted rules and I was scared to go to school everyday because we could be simply punished or scolded for anything, even for silly reasons and it was more like a prison than a place for learning.

I used to be this gawky, innocent kid, who could be easily taken advantage of both at school and at home. I was bullied by a bunch of arrogant kids towards the end of my school days and it kind of changed me completely. I started to stop trusting people.

After my school, I moved to another town for my college. I did my engineering in Biotechnology. Initially I did not have any interest in that subject but after a year, I started loving it. Again, this college had even more horrible rules and regulations. We were simply not treated like adults and which brought my confidence level to zero. I regret wasting my 4 years of life there even now.

After graduation, I did my Master of Technology in Genetic Engineering in Chennai, the capital of my state. It is one of the biggest cities in my country and the life in such a big city taught me so many things. The university I studied in was too good and had no stupid rules. I learnt to be independent, I made new friends from all over the country, I studied really well and the newly acquired freedom raised my self-confidence level.

Those days when I loved science more than anything!

I studied really hard and I got an opportunity to do a research project at Harvard Medical School – Brigham and women’s Hospital, Boston. The experience was amazing. I learnt so many things from the scientists and fellow researchers. The learning was something that changed my life for better. I am still grateful that my dad agreed to send me to US for a six-month project and letting me experience something that many can only dream of.

Harvard Days!
When labs used to be my second home!
Learnt not just science but life lessons too!

After my graduation, I worked as a trainer and I started loving the teaching profession. It is the most satisfying job and I am glad I took that job offer. Seeing yourself as an educator and as a person who makes a significant change in someone else’s life is so good.

My first ever office -Loved and blessed to be a Mentor!

I realized one thing after so many years. Whatever you do, there is going to be a bunch of people that are going to demotivate you and tell you what you are doing is not worthy. I say, just don’t believe them. Nobody is good enough to judge you and the only person who knows you and your dreams well is you.

Would love to know many other bloggers, who are firmly believing in dreams and working towards it. Please post me the blog address in the comments so that I can get to know you too!!



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  1. Mathew Philip says:

    Really amazing graph… both academics and family…

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  2. Ellen says:

    Very interesting post. So nice to know about you. ☺️
    And I completely agree with you, everyone has the potential to change the world, never listen to haters.

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