Do you listen to your kids?

This is a very important topic I wanted to discuss for a long time. This is also a very sensitive topic and I request the parents to self-analyze to make sure that you are not making the mistake of not giving freedom to your kids to voice their opinions and suggestions. Because, most parents don’t commit this mistake consciously. They do it without any intention or may be because, they are just so self-involved or busy with their own stuff.

why should you listen to your kids ?

  1. Kids have to be listened and acknowledged all the time. It gives them a feel of assurance that someone is there to hear their voice.
  2. It gives them a lot of confidence to open up in public and tell their opinion.
  3. If their suggestions and opinions are ignored, they might feel left out and eventually they might never make friends and socializing will be a great problem for them.
  4. If they are not listened to or if their words don’t matter to parents, they stop asking what they need and they just let someone else decide for them or become bad decision makers.
  5. They might grow as a person with little or no self-confidence and they might end up being underachievers.

If you think your child must grow into a confident, bold, positive, strong-willed adult, the first step is to listen to them. Spend some time with them every evening once they are back from school and ask them how their day went. Also say how your day was at home or work and make sure they listen to you too. This practice helps them to share everything with you and you will have a best friend for life too.

You might also consider including your experiences when you had to face small stumble blocks or issues at work and how you overcame them. This might help them develop problem solving skills and most importantly they will understand how you work hard everyday to make them happy. They will also realize that it is okay to make mistakes at school and they don’t have to worry about making one.

Simple practice of spending few minutes just for your baby everyday will give them a great deal of moral support. They will also be quite strong mentally with this practice as you have instilled the feeling in them that they have a strong support system in case they get into some form of trouble or danger.

Forgetting your smart devices, work stress and spending time exclusively for your children can boost their confidence to great levels. This helps them grow in different dimensions and it is also a great chance for parents to know what’s in your little one’s mind, their expectations, interests and so on.


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