Parenting : Illustrated with crappy pictures – Book Review

I had borrowed this book, Parenting : Illustrated with crappy pictures by Amber Dusick from our local library few weeks ago and I finally read it yesterday. This is a very hilarious parenting book and I could relate to most of the situations illustrated.

This book immediately caught my attention as I entered the parenting section in our library and I found it so different from other books. I went through a few pages right there and I found it be extremely empathetic.

I caught myself chuckling many times, while reading this book and found it very funny. The author has carefully transformed all the serious concerns, unpleasantness and annoyance in parenting to something very humorous and comical. The author has illustrated most of the frustrating circumstances we encounter as parents like children getting sick, traveling with them, dinner time etc with funny pictures and they are all spot on! I loved all the chapters, especially the last one, “The 50 crappy laws of parenting”!

Many of you might be already following Amber Dusick’s blog, but honestly, I started following her blog only after reading the book. This book is a very quick and easy read and its for mommies of all ages. It can also be a great gift for new parents.

I recommend this book to anyone who is new to parenting and who is stressed about it. This book helps you to pause and understand that you are not alone in this and most of the parents are going through the same thing as you are.

Happy reading mommies and daddies!!


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